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Note: To donate in another currency choose to donate in Euro. Paypal will automatically convert the currency during the transaction.

By making donations using the following buttons we will allocate the money to develop that particular project.
You can also use the buttons above and indicate to which project you want to allocate the money.

Most of the Team members and community volunteers dedicate their time and energy and resources to develop and improve Fenix Linux project in their spare time. One way is to help grow the project and community is to donate a small amount of money to help covering some costs and giving developers time and freedom to improve features.

How are we going to use your donations?

  • Purchase hardware to improve compatibility (processors, graphic cards, single board computers...).
  • Server infrastructure and software development.
  • Pay fees to contributors.

How much should I donate?

  • As a contributor you can donate a one time amount to your liking.
  • As a backer you can support us by making a monthly donation.

Benefits for the founders:

  • You will access a private forum where your questions will be answered as soon as possible.
  • Your name and an optional massage will appear in a file located inside the projects.
  • With a donation of 5€/5$ you will be able to add unplanned features to the roadmap (provided they fit the project).
  • With a donation of 10€/$ you can you will be able to influence the development roadmap and make your most wanted features available earlier.
  • With a donation of more than 15€/$ you will be able to access the new builds before anyone else.
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